Integrate Coaching and Your Catholic Faith with the Purgative Way Coaching Program

Our next course starts in September of 2021. This program provides:

  • Full Four-month Instructor Led Coaching Curriculum

    The program includes weekly lessons and live coaching calls to teach, practice, and develop new self-coaching skills.

  • Master the Metanoia Daily Seven Journal and Learn How to Self-Coach

    The seven daily exercises of the Metanoia Daily Seven Journal are the primary self-coaching tool for becoming a student of your mind. We send your first two journals and cover your first 4 months of journaling.

  • Access Metanoia Catholic Workshops and Coaching Materials

    Hold Journal facilitator courses, leverage ready-made workshops, and integrate Metanoia Catholic tools and resources into your marketing and coaching programs.

  • Access to Metanoia Catholic Academy Member Site

    Even if you can't make a live session, you can still access all coaching videos, historic group coaching calls, and session recordings through our password protected site.


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Fall 2021 course starting on this September

  • Integrate your Catholic Faith into your Coaching

  • Gain a simple and repeatable coaching process.

  • Sharpen your mindset coaching skills.

  • Join a community of coaches firm in the Faith and dedicated to furthering the movement of Catholic Coaching.


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  • Get instant access to the Metanoia Catholic Academy

  • Gain access to out-of-the-box Catholic coaching packages for your 1:1 and group coaching clients.

  • Learn how to self-coach and become the transformation you wish to help your clients achieve.

  • Make your coaching grounded in your Catholic Faith

  • Help your clients while building up the Kingdom

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