Become a Catholic Coach

Grow the skills and confidence you need to serve your clients in the integrity of the Catholic Faith.

Integrate Coaching and Your Catholic Faith with the Purgative Way Coaching Program

Our next course starts in September of 2021. 

  • Gain the full confidence that your coaching is aligned with the Catholic Faith

    Learn how to ground your coaching in a sound Catholic anthropology based on the teachings of the Catechism, Church doctors, and a true psychology of the human person.

  • Master the skills of mindset coaching applicable to any niche

    This course will teach you and drill you in how to help your clients see and discover their interior life. The more you practice these skills, the better you will become. 

  • Grow in a supportive community furthering the industry of Catholic Coaching

    There is a hidden community of Catholic Coaches starting to emerge! Discover how amazing it is to grow in a community of coaches dedicated to building the Kingdom.

  • Experience the joy of witnessing people's "metanoia moments"

    When you learn how to bring grace, virtue, and the Holy Spirit into your coaching, there is no greater privilege than watching God's transformative grace go to work.

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Hear from some of our recent Purgative Way graduates!

I did not have the language or resources previously to coach in a more overtly Catholic way. I feel armed with examples and resources, thought examples and more skills!​ I feel totally confident now in calling myself a Catholic Coach.

Lisa Canning

The Possibility Mom

The greatest benefit has been in my self-coaching. Through the group coaching exercises, I've seen how my thinking and judgements show up and have been able to reflect upon and gain deeper awareness of how to hold space for those that I am coaching.​

Tim Howard

Coach and Entrepreneur

It has totally shaped the way that I coach. Matt and Erin are incredibly thorough with different strategies for coaching, never leaving out the “why” behind those strategies so that we know ultimately we want to lead the client to beatitude. The skills I've gained have helped me stay focused during a coaching session in order to help the client get to that new thought that the Lord has for him/her.

Megan Mohan

Catholic Coach and Speaker




For this next class, we are allowing married couples to join Purgative Way under one tuition payment! That's two for the price of one!

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This is for our September 28, 2021 class start date. You may select the payment option to pay in full or in three monthly installments.

  • Get instant access to the Metanoia Catholic Academy

  • Gain access to out-of-the-box Catholic coaching packages for your 1:1 and group coaching clients.

  • Learn how to self-coach and become the transformation you wish to help your clients achieve.

  • Make your coaching grounded in your Catholic Faith

  • Help your clients while building up the Kingdom


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