Get Trained in Catholic Coaching

Integrate the Catholic faith into your coaching practice with a model rooted in Catholic teaching and tradition.



Learn How to Truly Help the People You Serve.

People are looking for accompaniment on their personal journey. But though “the harvest is abundant, the laborers are few.” As a coach, you are in a unique position to guide them. Making your coaching Catholic adds value to your practice by helping others along the path of their God-given purpose.


The benefits of investing in Catholic coaching stretch far beyond your training sessions. Once you complete the Purgative Way, you will be eligible for the Metanoia Catholic Affiliate Program. As an affiliate, you can include Metanoia Catholic products in your private practice in order to generate new clients (and income) immediately. Get equipped for professional success as you help clients grow in their interior life!


You want to be confident in your coaching. You may be concerned that your coaching could lead people astray rather than helping them follow their God-given path. Most coaching programs leave God out of the picture for self-growth and are based on New Age ideas that are at odds with the Catholic faith. Incorporating faith into coaching is the missing piece for personal growth.


  • Do you worry that you might be leading your clients astray by your coaching?

  • Do you want to build up the Kingdom of God through your coaching?

  • Do you want to focus on helping Catholic clients grow and thrive?

  • Do you want to coach in a way that’s consistent with Church teaching?

  • Do you want to feel supported and formed well as a Catholic coach?



The Purgative Way Coaching Program provides the missing piece to your coaching practice: God! Over the course of four months you will learn how to base your coaching on Catholic anthropology, master a simple and repeatable coaching method, and sharpen your mindset coaching skills together with other Catholic coaches.

It starts with your well-being.

We start by training you to become a self-coach, so you can learn firsthand how effective Catholic coaching can be. When you treat yourself like your hardest client, you’ll be amazed at how easily you can apply what you learn to your clients!  

Sharpen your skills as you go.

We’re all about peer-to-peer coaching. This gets you comfortable right away with putting our Catholic coaching method into practice. By the time you complete the program, you’ll have honed the skills you can apply to your job or ministry.

Anyone can do it.

You don’t need a theology degree to make your coaching Catholic. When you know the basics of how grace and virtue really work, you can understand the true problems your clients face and guide them toward real transformation.


We are faithful to the Magisterium and the teaching authority of the Church. We rooted our coaching model in the deposit of Faith and the writings of the saints. At the core of our model is the Church’s teaching that every person is made for Beatitude: true happiness! The exercises and techniques we train you to incorporate into your coaching are grounded in that reality, and so they work in any setting.  


The Church lays out a roadmap for you to coach with confidence. When you coach people to grow in the virtues, they become disposed to receive God’s grace, the true transformative agent in self-growth. That takes the pressure off you as a coach! In fact, you’ll be excited about your coaching as you help clients unlock the life God desires for them. Want to know how to bring this coaching style into your day-to-day practice? That’s exactly what we’ll teach you.


Secular coaching methods can make a person’s life look “better” on the outside. But in The Purgative Way, we teach you how to ask questions that prompt clients to hold their thoughts up to the light of God’s truth. Rather than simply change external behaviors, you will help a client recognize how their mindset affects their behavior. Then they can choose how to respond interiorly — where real transformation begins.


  • Sign up to join the next class. We’ll get you started with a small group to learn from each other.

  • Master the art of Catholic coaching in four months, with each month building on the last.

  • Watch yourself incorporate your new knowledge and techniques immediately into your coaching!

  • Invest in your coaching practice and your clients to bring about fruitful results!


When Erin and Matt Ingold reached the point of frustration and burnout in balancing life as parents, professional coaches, and trying to be involved at their parish, they knew something had to change. So they began to focus on combining their life coaching experience with their Catholic Faith — and found their lives being transformed in amazing ways. To help more Catholics experience the powerful effects of this model, while avoiding many of the New Age pitfalls in the self-development world, they launched Metanoia Catholic. Drawing on their coaching experience and training with the Theology of the Body Institute, Franciscan University of Steubenville, the Augustine Institute, and Divine Mercy University, Erin and Matt focus on helping each person find freedom by growing in grace and virtue in partnership with God.


Previously, I was a member of a secular coaching community. Purgative Way was the missing piece to the puzzle. It's refreshing to be part of a community that aligns with God and my Catholic faith. Come Holy Spirit!

The greatest benefit has been in my self-coaching. Through the group coaching exercises, I've seen how my thinking and judgments show up and have been able to reflect upon, and gain deeper awareness of, how to hold space for those that I am coaching.

I have grown closer to God in so many ways. My coaching mission is clearer and I feel part of a Catholic community that I never want to leave.

Matt and Erin have taken what seems to be lofty teachings of the Church and St. Thomas Aquinas and packaged it up for people to grasp and understand, without leaving out any of the essence or heart of their teachings. They somehow manage to make seeking virtue and beatitude supremely practical with the journal and coaching.

It is brilliant! I am able to show up for my clients in ways that I never thought possible. It is such a joy to teach my clients how to coach themselves!”

Becoming a coach is a way to help someone on their journey to living in Beatitude. What a humbling gift to be able to learn ways to not only become more of who God has created me to be, but to help others on that journey as well. I’ve learned so much, and am so grateful to have the content of Purgative Way indefinitely because I will rewatch their classes over and over! There’s so much content, so much life-changing material.

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