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  • Get Intentional About Virtue

    MCA members are intentional about virtue and greedy for grace, because they know it is how they will become the greatest gift to Christ and his Church.

  • Discovery What's Holding You Back

    Join group coaching opportunities each week and get the benefits of one-on-one coaching without the one-on-one investment. Whether you're getting coached or watching a peer get coached, you grow in the process!

  • Become Fully Alive

    When we master the art of thinking about our thinking, we find the freedom to live in the fullness of God's design for human happiness.

What to look forward to

This is Academy is a community for growth minded Catholics who are ready to get intentional about their walk with Jesus.

  • Group Coaching

  • Monthly Workshops

  • A Community of Growth Minded-Catholics

  • More access to Metanoia Catholic Coaches


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